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Harness The Power Of Wildfire.

It’s all very well finding a venue, but you have to know what to do with it…

Wildfire’s expertise is spread across the full spectrum of events management, from location scouting to set design and production to logistics and operations. Our ethos is to add the fun, making sure our guests are entertained, whether they’re inside, online, or revelling in the great outdoors. Learn about our great activities here!

Our enthusiasm is infectious, and it spreads like Wildfire!

How we do it…

What we bring to the party.

Imagine if you spent a lifetime providing entertainment and activities for people to enjoy. What would your inventory look like now if you never stopped adding to it?

One of the key ingredients to our success is our GIGANTIC private collection of props, games, and vehicles, all cobbled together over almost three decades of events and activations. Stepping into our warehouses is a magical experience that can’t help but bring out your inner child. From life-sized lion props to hovercrafts and craps tables, from a 16ft waterfall to a full-size Crystal Maze Dome, from quad bikes to throwable mics to a kaleidoscope of lights, audio-visual production, and all-out entertainment.

Owning our own kit means you get the most competitive price, straight from the source. It means we can manage and maintain all of our equipment personally without relying on third parties to live up to our impossibly high standards.

Why we do it…

Playtime is for everyone.

The name Wildfire is synonymous with igniting passion, whether in our staff, our clients, or the attendees we are all working to impress. We love to watch people having a good time and enjoy the event with us!  We believe every event should be interesting and engaging, so people not only want to turn up; they never want to leave.

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