Chain Reaction

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

This collaborative team building event will really get your team working together. Test your group’s creativity and problem-solving abilities whilst creating a one-of-a-kind chain reaction, with an explosive finish!

Each team will need to build a different contraption using the equipment provided. In order to complete the whole task, teams must communicate effectively with each other in a large collaboration, ensuring the contraptions link properly. If done correctly, only then will the chain reaction work. Remember – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

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Multiple Benefits

This event has a broad range of learning outcomes! This includes improved communication, morale, leadership ability, problem-solving, trust, confidence, project management, and more. All of these added together make Chain Reaction a massive benefit to your team!

Indoors Or Out

Due to the simple nature of this game, it can be held both indoors and outdoors (weather dependent). This makes it suitable for groups and spaces, both small and large! Our equipment can adapt to your exact needs, meaning everyone gets to join in the fun.


No chain reaction is complete without an explosive finish! Don’t worry; this will be super safe and nothing but pure fun. If all of the links in the chain work properly, there’ll be an exciting confetti cannon finale. If successful, all teams can finally start celebrating!

Tell Me More About Chain Reaction…

Each team will build a different contraption using the equipment provided and some basic guidelines. Each of these sections will have its own action/movement – the group then needs to work together to create links between each section, so that each one sets off the next!

Once the chain is complete, you will be allowed a few practice runs before the real deal. If you succeed, the chain reaction should work on its own. As each section sets off the next, it’ll finally trigger the confetti cannon finale!

The chain reaction is different every time. There is no right or wrong.

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