Tablet Treasure Hunt

How’s your sense of direction?

Go head to head in a challenge that relies on your sense of direction (and GPS navigation skills!).

Teams will go head to head in a race against time to collect as many points as they possibly can. Powered by GPS, the hunt can take place wherever you choose, in the city or in the countryside.

The hunt will be within 1 square kilometres, with tasks that are bound to entertain the teams as they work their way through, gathering points. On completion of the hunt, the teams will compare scores and the winning team will be announced.

Fancy trying something different for your next team building event? Get in touch to organise your treasure hunt!

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Team Meeting Outside
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Totally Unique!

Very few team building activities can be quite as flexible as our Treasure Hunts! Designed to take place in a location of your choice, this hunt uses GPS to give you clues throughout. No hunt is the same!

Full Of Thrills

This event is a favourite due to being so unpredictable. What task will be lying just around the corner? Only you and your team will be able to find out (providing you follow the GPS directions correctly!).


We’re here to take the stress out of planning a team building event. We’ll ensure that the activity runs smoothly from start to finish and provide all the equipment needed to make it a success.

Tell Me More About Tablet Treasure Hunt…

The Tablet Treasure Hunt team building activity is an exciting and unique experience for all involved!

Through this team building event, participants learn about the importance of communication, collaboration, planning and strategy as they work together towards finding their treasure.

Additionally, Tablet Treasure Hunt offers a great opportunity for those who want to explore their local area – without getting lost! As teams traverse around town or through the countryside, they’ll have access to helpful clues along their journey, so that even beginners can easily enjoy this game without feeling overwhelmed.

All of these factors make this team building event perfect for both experienced adventurers as well as first-timers who are looking for something new to try!

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