The Pressure Chamber

Have you got what it takes to conquer the chamber?

Based on the oh-so-famous TV show, we have created a team building event where the pressure is on!

Your group will be split into teams who will each be given different tasks to practice on. They will then take turns entering the chamber (exciting!), where they have to complete their set task. They will only have a certain amount of lives, with points diminishing each time they fail.

Teams will then get move around to another challenge which they must try and master before they enter the chamber again to see if they can win some points.

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Guests playing the kube
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Pressure Chamber

We don’t cut corners here – we have our very own chamber for you to enter! Designed to look like the real thing, our chamber is privately owned and all yours if you choose this team building event. Forget about extra supplier costs or other hidden fees!

Fun For All

Each team will have a different task to work on, meaning everyone will feel super involved. Besides, there’s nothing more amusing than watching someone else face the pressure of the chamber! Prepare for a day full of laughs.

We’ve Got Tech

To further make this team building activity feel like the TV show, the presuure chamber  comes equipped with a high-tech timer and colour-coordinated lights. The timer will keep tensions high as you complete a task, and lights will flash if successful or not.

Tell Me More About The Pressure Chamber…

Our fun compeer and additional instructors run the whole event. When entering the chamber, there will be a high-tech timer to let you know how long you have to complete the task, as well as colour-coordinated lights depending upon if you are successful or not.

In some of the challenges, teams have to choose their best individual, while others will include the whole team. All are worth the same amount of points.

At the end of the event, all the points are totalled up, and the team with the most points will be crowned the winner. They will receive a trophy and medals (and bragging rights, of course!).


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