Lauren Gough
Head of Venues & Partnerships

When did you join Wildfire?
I’ve worked closely with the team since 2009, but actually fully joined the team in July 2021.

How did you come to work at Wildfire?
Working in partnership with another agency, Chillisauce, my role has developed and I now work across all departments including venues, partnerships and corporate events. It’s great to be implanted at Chillisauce as well as Wildfire – I get to use all the amazing props and equipment for all of my clients!

What is your favourite event?
I’m well known in the team for creating new events, bespoking and personalising our already amazing events to suit our clients theme or objectives. Our recent Around the World event we created this summer, is hugely popular as we work together to create games which suit the countries teams visit in line with global clients or office locations! Super fun!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Taking our office pooch – Max the French Bulldog for lots of walks and socialising with friends/ checking out the hottest new venue spots! I do love to travel, and aim to visit at least one new destination per year. This year is Thailand and Jamaica (making up for lockdown where all I travelled too was the fridge haha!)

What is your favourite film?
E.T – It’s a classic!

What is your favourite drink?
Has to be a cocktail – a Piña Colada ideally served in the sunshine on a beach! Or a nice ice cold diet coke from the can (not bottle!).

What is your favourite food?
I am chocolate fiend – galaxy bar with a good cup of tea is my go-to!

First album you ever bought?
Spice Girls of course!

If you could meet one famous person dead or alive, who would it be?
Elvis Presley because my Nan and I are huge fans and she’d give me a list of questions to ask him! What a legend.

Favourite place you have visited?
This is such a tricky one! I went travelling for four months across the USA, visiting 19 states, it was incredible. I chased the weather, starting in the summer in LA and ending in the winter in New York! I don’t think I could choose one place, they were all amazing in their own way but I do have a soft spot for Nashville!

What is your best memory of working for Wildfire?
Too many amazing memories! I’d say in general working with clients to achieve their goal and seeing it all come together is amazing. Especially using our props to completely transform a space. I loved the summer funfair event we held – complete with helter skelter, hot air balloon rides, dodgems, funfair ground rides, candy floss and so much more!

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