Nathan Angus
Co-Founder & Managing Director

When did you join Wildfire?
I was there from the very start…

How did you come to work at Wildfire?
Many years ago when I was 11, my father sent me to work for a friend of his who owned some quad bikes on a farm. He used to provide children’s quad bike parties. I would work there every Saturday until I was 14, when he sold the business and the new owner was my dad. I carried on working at weekends and holidays. At age 18, I went and did my own thing for a while and then came back when I was 21, and I’ve been here ever since. This was back when we were Demon Wheelers and over time as the equipment and services grew we became Wildfire The Experience Agency.

What is your favourite event?
Through Wildfire we provide so many different events, it is hard to put a finger on just one. I do however, have a love of Multi Activity Days and Awards Evenings create a great buzz amongst the clients. However, my favourite type of event is when a client wants us to create a bespoke event and are then amazed at the end product. The feeling of having an ecstatic client can’t be beaten.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Anyone who works in events will know you don’t get a lot of free time. So when I do get spare time I like to spend quality time with my beautiful wife and daughter. On the odd occasion we manage to get a babysitter, then the wife and I enjoy a top quality meal with some good wine.

What is your favourite film?
From Here to Eternity – a masterpiece in film making.

What is your favourite drink?
I’m a big fan of red wine and Primitivo tends to be my favourite.

What is your favourite food?
Fillet steak followed by more steak…

First album you ever bought?
I like to claim it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller but I think in actual fact it was Kylie Minogue’s first album.

If you could meet one famous person dead or alive, who would it be?
Frank Sinatra – coolest man of all time. Fact.

Favourite place you have visited?
Hard to narrow down but… Bardolino by Lake Garda for food, drink and views. Las Vegas for fun and good times.

What is your best memory of working for Wildfire?
Having been here for over 25 years, it’s hard to put a finger on one particular memory. But seeing the company grow and still have the same passion for events, is my best memory that keeps happening over and over again.

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