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Are you ready to show off your amazing product or business to the world? If so, there’s no better way to get in the spotlight than with a brand activation event.

With our wide range of equipment, in-house design team, fantastic creative skills and experience in project management, we are well-equipped to enhance your company’s reputation and brew desire for your products.

Whether it’s in-store demonstrations, eye-catching promotions, or product launches in underground bunkers, Wildfire can help you make a statement. We can even add interactive elements to your event! You won’t only draw in the crowds, but you’ll keep them there, too. Get in touch with our brand activation specialists to get started.

Brands We Work With

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All-Inclusive Treatment

Our all-inclusive service will be sure to add zest to your brand. From venue sourcing and set design to detail management and logistics, we can do it all! This allows you to pour your heart and soul into your brand without stressing about anything else. It’s time to give your creation the exposure it deserves.

Enhance Your Activation

Think of Wildfire as an extension of your already-amazing team. You can lean on us whenever need be, making the whole process much smoother for you. We’ll combine our specialist skills with your team’s skills to enhance your activation and make it an event to remember. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Monitor The ROI

While making your brand look amazing and shiny is one goal, generating that all-important ROI is another. We can work with you to analyse footfall, potential outreach and social content. This helps to get the most out of your budget and bring even greater success to your campaign.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your brand, so it’s only right to give it the launch it deserves. We’ll make sure that your service or product gets in front of the right customers at every opportunity, leaving them with fond memories long after the event finishes.

We Can’t Wait To Hear About Your Vision

Our team has years of experience in planning, creative work and management to ensure the activation is a success. From filling a giant dome with cash for the launch of a film to hosting in-store pop-ups for a new flavour of crisps, we’ve done a lot in our time! We can’t wait to tell your amazing story next.

Enjoy Our Extensive Prop Selection

We privately own a huge selection of props, giving you instant access to whatever takes your fancy. If a themed brand activation is what you want, we can provide that. Prefer to focus on the smaller details? We can cater to that, too!

Thanks to being privately owned, there will be no hidden costs or horrid fees when hiring our props. We’re in control!

Your Business Deserves Success

Our brand activation specialists have worked on events all over the globe. They’re ready and waiting to share their realm of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, ensuring your event garners a phenomenal result. We care about your brand and your shiny return on investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

At its core, brand activation is all about bringing your brand to life. It’s about creating an experience that immerses your target audience in your brand/product/service and allows them to connect with it on a personal level. When done right, brand activation can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

The main benefit of hiring a brand activation agency is the reduced stress and costs! They’ll do all the work for you, using their contacts to get the best value for money possible. If you’re thinking of hiring a brand activation agency, here are some of the other benefits you can expect to receive:

Increased Brand Awareness: One of the main benefits of hiring a brand activation agency is that they can help increase brand awareness for your business. They’ll do this by creating events and campaigns that will generate interest and media coverage for your business. This increased awareness can lead to more customers and sales for your business.

Generate Leads: Another benefit of hiring a brand activation agency is that they can help generate leads for your business. They’ll do this by creating events and campaigns that will attract potential customers to your business. Once they’ve attracted these potential customers, they’ll then work on converting them into actual leads that you can follow up on.

Improve Customer Relationships: Another benefit of hiring a brand activation agency is that they can help improve customer relationships for your business. They’ll do this by creating events and campaigns that will engage your customers and make them feel more valued by your business. This improved relationship can lead to more customer loyalty and repeat business for your company. 

How you measure the success of your brand activation will entirely depend on your goals. However, here are some generic measuring tips:

Number of Attendees: One way to measure the success of your brand activation is by the number of attendees. This is especially important if your activation has a limited capacity. Count the number of people who RSVP’d as well as those who walk in on the day of the event. Keep track of how many people stay for the duration of the event. This will give you an idea of how popular your event was and whether or not you reached capacity.

Social Media Mentions: Another way to measure the success of your brand activation is by tracking social media mentions. Look for hashtags related to your event and see how many people are using them. You can also search Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for mentions of your event or brand. This will give you an idea of how much buzz your event generated online.

Sales Figures: If your brand activation includes a product promotion or sale, then you’ll want to track sales figures before and after the event. This will help you determine if there was an uptick in sales thanks to your activation. It’s important to track both online and in-store sales if applicable. 

When done well, brand activations can be hugely successful in driving awareness, consideration, and sales. However, there are some common mistakes that brands make when activating their campaigns – mistakes that can undermine the success of the entire activation.

Not Knowing Your Objectives (or Having Too Many of Them): When planning a brand activation, it’s critical to know what you’re trying to achieve with the campaign. Whether your objective is to increase awareness or drive sales, you need to have a clear understanding of what success looks like before you even start planning the activation. Trying to accomplish too many things with a single activation is a recipe for disaster!

Not Incorporating Activation into the Overall Marketing Mix: A common mistake made by brands is treating brand activations as isolated events instead of part of a larger marketing strategy. To be successful, your activation must be integrated with other marketing initiatives—including digital, PR, and traditional advertising—to create a holistic campaign that delivers a consistent message across all channels. 

Not Measuring Results (or Measuring the Wrong Things): Another mistake brands make is failing to measure the results of their activation campaigns. Without measurement, it’s impossible to know whether or not your activation was successful in achieving its objectives. It’s also important to make sure you’re measuring the right things—if you’re trying to increase awareness but only measure sales, you’re not getting an accurate picture of your activation’s success. 

Make sure you have tangible KPIs in place before launching your brand activation so that you can accurately measure its success against your objectives. 

Consumers today want brands to do more than just sell them a product—they want brands to align with their values and make a positive impact on the world. As a result, many marketers are looking for ways to make their brand activations more inclusive. At Wildfire, we carry out extensive venue checks to ensure the space is accessible to all. We also take into consideration the acoustics of the space and whether it will be easy for people to hear announcements and presentations. 

Remember to make an effort to reflect diversity in your event programming. Select speakers, performers, and panellists who come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. And make sure your event content—including any marketing materials you distribute—is free of offensive language or stereotypes. 

Hire us as your brand activation agency to make your brand activation more engaging! We have access to thousands of props and all the contacts necessary to make your event as engaging as possible. Here are some excellent tips for further engagement:

Keep it fresh: No one wants to experience the same boring activation year after year. Make sure you’re always bringing something new to the table to keep attendees engaged. This could be anything from new interactive elements to fresh marketing collateral. Whatever you do, just make sure your brand activation feels new and exciting each time around.

Make it relevant: Attendees are more likely to engage with an activation that’s relevant to their interests and needs. For example, if you’re launching a new skincare line, consider hosting an activation that includes complimentary mini-facials using your products. This way, attendees can get a taste of what your brand offers while also experiencing the benefits firsthand. 

Keep it personal: In today’s age of mass marketing, consumers crave personalised experiences. One way to make your brand activation more personal is to include elements that allow attendees to customise their experience. For example, if you’re giving away t-shirts at your event, allow attendees to choose from a selection of design options or even create their own custom shirt on the spot. 

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