Incentive Trips

Rewarding from start to finish.

Incentive trips strike the right balance between rewarding employees for their hard work and motivating them to reach their next set of goals. These trips need to be something worth fighting for – something so special that it inspires the attendees to do almost anything to qualify again next time!

We can help create that winning atmosphere, where your team feel truly rewarded for their efforts, but still have that fuel for achievement when they get back.

Whether racing quad bikes on the dunes of Dubai, sipping champagne by the beach on the Gold Coast, or ice-driving over frozen lakes in Norway, we help create unforgettable experiences that can redefine a lifetime. Fill out our contact form to discover how you can show employees just how valued they are.

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Designed To Motivate

Whether you want to reward employees for a job well done, inspire your team or motivate them for the future, there’s no better way to do so than with an incentive trip. Our incentive trips offer an experience of a lifetime, motivating all employees to work to their best potential, break down barriers and boost dedication. 

Go Abroad!

When it comes to rewarding employees, why limit yourself to the UK? We can organise incentive trips anywhere in the world, making them completely bespoke to your requirements. From boat trips on the fjords of Norway to racing dune buggies in Dubai, the world is your oyster. These trips are worth their weight in gold.

Multi-Purpose Trips

Our incentive trips can be combined with company conferences or other events. So, instead of holding a conference in the same hotel every year, add some spark and take all the guests away to a new location. Everyone will be sure to remember a conference held in outstanding surroundings, going home on a complete high!

Organising an incentive trip on your own can be pretty stressful. It’s not always easy to show your employees how much they’re valued, especially when they’ve been working extra hard to reach their goals! But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

How Can Wildfire Help?

Our incentive trips are designed to increase productivity, break down barriers and boost dedication. While this may sound simple on the surface, we go above and beyond to give your employees the reward they truly deserve. We have organised events for over 25 years and have contacts all over the globe; we’re all ready to bring your trip to life!

The Power Of ‘FOMO’

The fear of missing out (commonly referred to as FOMO) is one of the most powerful motivators around. Not a single team member will want to risk missing out on such an unforgettable trip, inspiring them to secure their place on the guest list. Whether that’s through hitting a target, taking initiative or something else – you make the rules, and we provide the fun.

Reap The Rewards

It goes without saying that your employees are your greatest asset. If you look after them, they’ll look after your business. Taking time to step away from the office and show your team how much they’re valued will bring several benefits to the table. The smiles on their faces will last far longer than the trip duration, bringing all their motivation back to the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

An incentive trip is a trip taken by a group of employees of the same company as a reward for meeting certain sales goals or other predetermined criteria. Usually, the group that takes the incentive trip is small, often numbering ten or less. However, some companies send large groups on incentive trips. It is not uncommon for as many as one hundred employees to go on an incentive trip together. 

Incentive trips are becoming increasingly popular as a way to motivate and encourage employees or customers, as they offer a range of benefits. This includes:

Greater Engagement: Incentive trips can lead to greater engagement from employees or customers. This is because people who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to be loyal and committed to a company or brand. Offering an incentive trip is a great way to show employees or customers that they are appreciated, and this can lead to greater levels of engagement.

Improved Performance: Incentive trips can also lead to improved performance from employees or customers. This is because people who feel motivated are more likely to work hard and achieve results. An incentive trip can be a great motivator, and this can lead to improved performance from employees or customers.

Target Hitting: Incentive trips can also lead to more targets being hit. This is because employees will feel as though they’re working towards something beneficial, rather than just another number on the board.

If you’re looking to thank your top employees or clients with an unforgettable experience, an incentive trip is the way to go. But planning the perfect trip can be daunting—where do you even start? Never fear, we’re here to help! Simply get in touch via our contact form to organise an incentive trip of a lifetime.

Thanks to having contacts with organisers all around the world, we have several destinations on offer. From Dubai to the Gold Coast, each destination offers something different. We’ll run through all destinations with you and find the perfect answer to your requirements.

  • Get the word out early – The sooner you start promoting your incentive trip, the better. This will give people plenty of time to start making arrangements and planning how they’ll hit their goals. 

  • Use social media – Social media is a great way to reach a wide audience with minimal effort. Create event pages on Facebook and Instagram, and use hashtags to promote your trip across all platforms. Twitter is also a good option for sharing news and updates about the trip.

  • Make it exclusive – Incentive trips are usually only open to a select few, so make sure this is clear in your marketing materials. This will make recipients feel special and appreciated, and more likely to want to attend.
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