Your favourite childhood game, made lifesize.

Relive the fun of your childhood, but in a giant version! We have taken the basis of Monopoly and turned it into a fun, competitive team building event. The Successopoly board is of a giant size – teams actively step onto it when it is time to roll the dice!

Your costumed host will announce the rules of the game before splitting the group into teams. Teams will then compete in various games and challenges as they make their way around the board. This could be anything from bungee runs and zorbs to origami challenges and balloon modelling.

This game can last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours, and we can adjust it to suit your requirements. Get in touch today and hop on to our Successopoly board!

Brands We Work With

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Giant Props

Our oversized props add some extra fun to the event and make great photo opportunities for everyone involved. Everyone remembers the classic pieces from Monopoly, and to add to the event’s theme, we will bring along a large 1920s Car Front and a Giant Bulldog. This can form the entranceway to the game.

Winner Winner!

This game can last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours, and we can adjust to suit your requirements. When it is getting close to the end time, we will collate all the money from the different teams, and the team with the most will be crowned the winner, receiving a trophy and medals.

In Or Outdoors

This event is a great way of bringing people together and can be hosted in or outdoors. We can tweak it to suit your needs. There are lots of extra challenges available through the event for teams to gain extra money, so it isn’t just a case of who has the most property. 

What’s Included With Successopoly?

Giant Board – The Successopoly board is of a giant size so that teams actively step onto the board when it is time to roll the dice. It is in the same configuration as Monopoly, but with different branded locations.

Pieces – The teams will then have to make their own mascots representing them on the giant board.

Giant Dice – Teams will then have to make their way around the board by rolling the giant dice and trying to build as much of an empire as possible.

Community Chest – This will be represented by a Giant Treasure Chest with giant cards that will give cash rewards for teams whenever they land on it. The giant cards may also mean that other teams lose money or have to pass it over to the team with the card.

Go To Jail – The dreaded Go To Jail! When teams land on this, they must go straight to the large jail prop. They will then have to complete a set of challenges to leave the jail.


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