Movie Madness

Welcome to the Wildfire Film Set!

Ever fancied producing your own movie? Well, now you can!

Movie Madness is a super creative team building activity that provides non-stop laughter. Teams will need to film certain scenes from a movie with the equipment provided. At the end of the filming session, the clips from each team will get put together to create the final product.

The catch? All scenes must be filmed in one take! Rewinding the camera will result in negative scoring – stage fright is not an option!

Will your final film look anything like the original? Or, will you retire from your new-found career in filmmaking? Only time will tell. Get in touch to try out the Wildfire Film Set!

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Get Creative

Movie Madness is one of the most creative team building activities around. Unleash your imagination on the film set to create an Oscar-worthy performance that you can watch back time and time again.

Full Of Thrills

It wouldn’t be a team building activity without a challenge. You’ve only got one chance to get it right! All scenes must be filmed in one take. If you rewind and re-record, you’ll score negative points.

We’ve Got It

From organisation to set equipment, we’ve got it all covered. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll plan the rest. Filming an epic movie is hard enough, we don’t want you to worry about anything else!

Tell Me More About Movie Madness…

​​Movie Madness is an interactive and creative team building activity, which encourages teams to work together and utilise their collective ideas, skills and resources to create a movie production. Team members must collaborate on the script, filming process and editing to make sure everything comes together perfectly!

As Movie Madness requires collaboration among team members in order to complete their task successfully, it promotes high levels of communication between them as well as trust and respect for each other’s ideas and suggestions.

Ultimately, Movie Madness offers a stimulating environment where individuals can put their own skill sets into practice while working together as one cohesive unit towards achieving the same goal!

The best part? You’ll have a hilarious movie to look back on for many years to come!

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