Krypton Factor

Can you complete the Krypton Challenge?

We have taken many aspects of the most loved TV program from the 70s to the 90s and turned it into a fantastic team building event!

Teams will work their way through categories, competing in various activities that’ll test intelligence, response, observation, and mental and physical ability. In true Krypton Factor style, the top teams will then get to compete in the famous (inflatable!) assault course.

You and your group will get to choose which challenges you want to take part in, making this event as customised as you like. Get in touch to learn more.

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In true Krypton Factor style, teams must compete in a cringe-worthy introduction to win some bonus points. They will then rotate around a series of challenges, testing various skills while doing so. Each activity will be scored out of 10.

Assault Course

Remember watching the leading teams compete in an assault course on TV? It’s now your turn! Our inflatable assault course will test the top team’s physical abilities, helping to decide who takes home the trophy.

No Stress

Your event manager will introduce themselves and inform all participants of how the event will run. They’ll also highlight any health and safety issues before the fun begins. You won’t have to worry about a single thing!

Tell Me More About Krypton Factor…

We have SO many activities to choose from, shaping your Krypton Challenge event into something you’ll all enjoy. These activities include:


  • Building Blocks – The team must use their intelligence to try and build the correct object out of the various blocks they have been given.

  • Can you Crane it? – We hope you’re good at DIY! Your task is to build a device capable of lifting a bucket of water.

  • Well Done – Retrieve the box from the well without touching the ground in the electric-fenced area.



  • Fork and Load – Use a remote-controlled crane, forklift and wagon to navigate the warehouse.

  • Shepherd’s Delight – One member of the team is chosen at random to be the shepherd, and they must use a unique form of communication to get the rest of their blindfolded team into the pen.

  • Toxic Waste – There has been an acid spillage! It is too dangerous to go into the area and so the team must use a rope and pulley system to pick up the chemical containers.



  • Look, Listen and Learn – The team must then pick out the differences between the two film clips, with some twists along the way.

  • Flight Simulator – The team must take it in turns to try and complete a set amount of levels in their allocated time. 

  • Construction Challenge – The team will have to construct an object in the Perspex box by all working together.


Mental Agility

  • Memory Bank – The team will be shown a mental sequence and then try and work out how it follows on.

  • Total Recall – Numbers are placed face-down in a random order in front of the team. Each member has to remember where each number is.

  • Electric Fence – All the teams are stationed on one side of the electric fence. Using the tools provided, they must get everybody over to the other side of the fence. 


Physical Ability

  • Pitch Black Pouring – The team must transfer as much water as they can from one large bucket into a water container.

  • Assault Course – The assault course is a mixture of a large inflatable, a cargo net and tyre challenge. There will be two teams competing against each other at once.

For more information on our Krypton Challenges, get in touch today.

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