Wacky Wheels

Build and drive your own karts!

Unleash your creative side with Wacky Wheels! This challenge brings teams together to conjure and drive their very own karts.

Each team will be given some initial tools and equipment before using their bartering skills to get additional bits from the Parts Shop. They’ll then need to build a human-powered kart before putting it forward for an MOT. If the kart passes its MOT, it’s time to hit the race track!

This unique experience will see each man-made kart get put to the test in a series of challenges, including drag racing and round relay. Who’s kart will come out on top? Get in touch to find out.

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Build A Kart

At the start of the challenge, each team will be given some initial tools alongside an allocated budget. To successfully build their kart, they must haggle with the Parts Shop employees to purchase some extra items. The better their communication, the better their kart will be.

Pass The MOT

Before hitting the race track, each kart will need to get an MOT certificate. Our Kart Inspector will examine each kart, ensuring it’s safe for the upcoming challenges. If the kart gets the green light, it can proceed to the next round!

Time To Drive!

With an MOT certificate in hand, it’s time to compete in some fun challenges. Each team and their kart will compete in a handful of challenges that test different functionalities of the kart. From emergency stops and drag races to relays and superhero challenges, there’s a lot to do!

Tell Me More About Wacky Wheels!

Creating: At the start of the event, each team will be allocated a budget. Every team will have some initial tools and equipment, but they must then use their bartering skills in the Parts Shop to purchase anything else that they may need. The Parts Shop will have items available to help you decide on propulsion, wheels and frame. Most importantly, some items will make the vehicle aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Building: Teams must then build a human-powered kart…

Testing: Before any driving of the kart takes place, as with any vehicle these days, your kart will need an MOT certificate. Our Kart Inspector will go around the vehicle, ensuring it is safe for the race track challenges.

Challenging: Once the teams have received their MOT Certificate, it’s out to the race track to see which vehicle can complete the feats! Challenges include:

  • Round Relay
  • Drag Race
  • Water Water Everywhere
  • Emergency Stop
  • In and Out
  • Superhero Challenge
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