Commercial Teambreak

Put your advertising skills to the test!

Have you ever created a TV commercial? If not, that’s all about to change with Commercial Teambreak! This team building activity puts creativity and coordination to the test as you create a TV ad.

You will be split into teams and given a briefing on how the day will run. Each team will receive a camera, tripod, props, make up and advice notes. You will then be given a product to create a TV ad for! Of course, there’s a catch. The ads must be filmed in chronological order – rewinding or refilming is forbidden.

At the end of the event, all the ads will be shown, with Oscars being given to top performers. Get in touch to become a TV sensation!

Brands We Work With

Barclays bank logo
KP snacks logo
Sky TV logo
TalkTalk logo
Sumo Digital Logo
HSBC Bank Logo
Ladies In Masks Getting Picture Outside
Horse Props Being Used In Video
Team Doing Building Event
Dressed Up Guests Get Picture
Rack Of Multiple Costumes
Picture Being Taken Of Superheros
Teams Under Blue Tents In Sun
Pretend Chef Activity
Chef Presenting Food In Event

Get Creative

Other than the advice notes given, it’s entirely up to your team to figure out how to advertise your given product. This’ll put your creativity to the test! With prizes given to the top performers, now’s the time to shine.

Hilarious Fun!

At the end of the filming day, you will be shown each other’s TV ads. This is nothing short of entertaining and will be sure to provide some hilarious moments. Who knows, you might know a rising TV star!

Props Provided

We’ll provide you with all the props necessary to make the day a success. This includes a camera, tripod, make up, advice notes and other little bits. You’ll have everything you need to truly wow your audience.

Tell Me More About Commercial Teambreak…

During the event, teams will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and collaborate to come up with the best solution for their product’s advertisement. Teams will learn problem solving skills such as planning, organisation, decision making, communication and negotiation which can be used in many aspects of life.

At the end of the day, there will be an exciting showcase where each team has the chance to present their finished work. Here, they can see first-hand what other teams have created as well as receive feedback from their peers and Oscars for the best performance.


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