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Fun conferences exist, we promise.

The word ‘conference’ often garners a sigh from anyone receiving an invitation in their inbox. Attendees know they are likely in for a long day (or days) of listening to speeches, lukewarm coffee, and information dumps.

Time to make some changes. It only takes a few minor tweaks to turn ‘another conference’ into a fun and engaging event. Adding even just small interactive moments where you involve the audience can be the difference that makes your conference hugely productive and memorable.

As conference organisers, Wildfire can help spark creative ideas whilst assisting you with as little – or as much – as you need. We can take care of the venue and production, as well as the theming and set design, all so you can focus on the most important thing – the guests.

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Virtual & Hybrid Options

Conferences were often seen in black-and-white, under the common misconception that they took a one-size-fits-all approach. That probably explains why they were never really engaging! We specialise in a range of different conference styles to suit your needs, whether that’s virtual, hybrid or something else. We’ll even deal with all the production if need be, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never experienced your chosen conference style before.

Involve Your Audience

An engaging conference shouldn’t be a one-person ‘show and tell’. Memorable (fun!) conferences should involve your audience, even if only for a small part of the day. We’ll help you to deliver a conference that not only gets your message across at the right time, but looks after the needs of your audience, too. Whether through set design or choice of venue, we’ll make sure all parts move seamlessly.

As Much Help As You Need

With almost 30 years in the events industry, it’s safe to say we know what works. It’s also safe to say that we understand every client is different. If you want to organise certain parts of the conference yourself, take the reins! If you’d rather we dealt with every detail, no problem. From venue sourcing to production and themes, we’re prepped and ready to help.

Conferences have a bit of a bad reputation, don’t they? Whether you’ve sat through one-too-many snooze fests or automatically associate the word ‘conference’ with a bad time, we’re here to help change the game.

Conferences Worth Attending

As conference organisers, we’ll help to plan an experience that keeps your audience engaged and make them glad they came. The venue will buzz with excitement and energy, creating the perfect environment to deliver your key messages.

Tailored To Your Brand

Whether you’ve got ideas that need executing or are starting with a blank slate, we’re ready to get involved! We’re more than happy to organise every aspect of your conference, from finding that perfect venue to designing the set. Alternatively, we can assist with the smaller details, ensuring they’re tailored perfectly to your brand.

We See The Bigger Picture

A lot of traditional conferences are seen as one-off events, never to be thought about again. We’re here to ensure that your conference remains an experience remembered for years to come. Through beautiful venues, interactive elements and showstopping design, attendees will hope for your conference to become an annual event!

For more information about our conference event management, get in touch via our contact form. We can’t wait to discuss our offerings with you in more detail!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, you can have a conference for pretty much anything. However, there are three main types of conferences: academic, business, and social. Each type of conference serves a different purpose.

Academic conferences are gatherings of scholars and experts in a particular field to discuss recent research findings and share ideas. These conferences usually take place at colleges and universities or professional associations. Attendees typically give presentations on their research and participate in panel discussions.

Business conferences are gatherings of professionals from the same industry or businesses with similar interests to network and learn from one another. These conferences usually feature keynote speeches from industry leaders, breakout sessions led by experts, and opportunities for attendees to connect.

Social conferences are gatherings of people with shared interests that are not related to business or academics. These conferences can be organised around hobbies, sports, or causes. Social conferences usually involve panels, workshops, and networking opportunities for attendees.

A virtual conference is a type of conference that is hosted online rather than in person. Though the conference itself is held virtually, conference participants can still interact with each other and the conference speakers through chat rooms, video conferencing, and other means of communication.

Because virtual conferences do not require participants to travel to a physical location, they are often more affordable and more convenient than traditional in-person conferences.

While some virtual conferences are free to attend, many charge a registration fee. Some also offer opportunities to purchase sponsorships or exhibiting packages, which can provide businesses with additional visibility during the event.

A hybrid conference is a type of conference that takes place both in-person and online. This approach allows for greater flexibility and accessibility for attendees and a larger potential audience. Hybrid conferences are becoming increasingly popular as technology makes connecting with people from all over the world easier.

As conference event organisers, we will take on as little or as much as you request. We will happily plan and execute your whole conference, including finding the right venue, dealing with production, conjuring a theme and designing the set. We’ll ensure the event remains as interactive and engaging as possible while keeping your values and key messages at heart.

While giving as much information as possible will make our jobs easier, it’s okay if you come to us with a blank slate. With almost 30 years in the industry, we’ve got enough experience and knowledge to plan a conference worth bragging about.

To kickstart the best conference you’ll ever attend, simply fill out our contact form and provide any information you feel is necessary. We’ll then be in touch to bring your visions to life.

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