Sumo Digital – Sumo’s Big Day In

The Overview

To create a fun day in for all the Sumo Digital employees.

The Date

September 11 2020 & September 17th 2021

The Brief

With the amount of uncertainty around the situation with Covid and keeping employees safe. Sumo Digital decided they wanted to create a big fun day in, which they wanted our help with providing entertainment for people to take part in through the day.

Wildfire Solution

We created a complete mixture of different online events ranging from murder mysteries, to races across the world and online escape rooms to music bingo. We made sure that every session was interactive and came with a live host. This way it felt like the groups had no trouble on the call and were completely looked after by our specialist trained hosts.

Hampers were organised for everyone for each employee and it gave everyone a chance to socialise when they hadn’t seen each other for so long. The vast array of entertainment provided meant that guests could choose what they wanted to do, this meant there was a lot more freedom than just one session for everyone involved. It also meant with the different timings of the different sessions people could participate as and when they wanted.

The result

We received such fantastic feedback from everyone involved that the event was run the following year but with different games.

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